Lavish Dream started the way all good businesses should: with a passion that turned into a project and a dream that turned into a goal!

Once, we were just two sisters who loved to make flower bouquets and did it purely as a hobby. Then we realised that our hobby made us happier than anything else we were doing! And who doesn’t want a job they love? That’s when we decided to launch Lavish Dream—and share our passion for beautiful flowers and gifts with our customers.

Today, we’re the happiest we’ve been, but we’re not resting on our laurels. We’re striving to bring our unique touch to the industry and offer customers something different. We are always developing ideas for new gifts, new bouquets and new combinations of flowers and presents—offering you more ways to mark special occasions and providing you with wonderful mementoes and keepsakes.

We’re ready to make huge changes. Come along for the ride!